Project Description

InfoSec advisors are individuals who believe that security transcends technology. Information security is a business issue and not solely a technology “thing” that’s managed by the Information Technology (IT) department. We seek to understand your business needs first so your information security investment provides the greatest value. The InfoSec Advisory team is strong proponents of effectively and efficiently securing our client’s business. We do this through current and advanced business risk management and risk mitigation techniques. We have great disdain for black hats, hackers, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT’s), state supported actors, or anyone desiring to monetize stolen digital intellectual property. The overall security of your business enterprise is our top priority.

We bring to the table security, leadership, and management expertise. Our team of experts supports the Information Systems Security Professional Code of Conduct. We are vendor agnostic and focus all our energy and time on your information security needs. We manage information transparency with your team by need to know and functional position rules. Transparency of information helps to build trust with your executive and management team. We are committed to giving you the truth about the security posture of your business and how best to manage residual risk.